What Others Are Saying About My Work

The Proof is in the Pudding

“Marissa is highly distinguishable and not easily confused with others. She adds to the discussions, her writing, etc. a certain signature perspective.

I don’t need to say it, but Marissa has a way with words. Even down to the simplest forms,

I can tell there is thought and substance to the way she structures her sentences. I find her words compelling and somehow aesthetically pleasing to the brain, if that’s possible. Very sophisticated language skills.

She also has an emotional intelligence and resolve that I really admire, her passion and her grit. She reminds me that things are worth a damn and life is worth exploring.

Her emotional intelligence grants her a capacity for empathy and an ability to connect with others in a way that is both intimate and memorable.”

Francis Del Rosario

University of Colorado Hospital

“She is great at taking concrete examples and connecting them with abstract ideas (which is when I say I love her brain!) Marissa is awesome at having the capacity to see something from both sides, using empathy to connect to the audience.
Lauren Anderson

Greenwood Pediatrics

“Marissa has a truly fierce intellect, coupled with an ability to listen to other people’s perspectives and withhold her own commentary until the moment when it can actually move the conversation forward. Most writers often struggle with balancing their passion for the work and still actively listening to others. She handled this better than nearly any other I’ve worked with. Marissa has an empathy uncommon to people as gifted as she is. Also, she is an amazing writer!

Sarah Hagelin

University of Colorado

“She has such a positive and upbeat approach!”

Dina Mauro


Marissa has an amazing ability to analyze tiny details and understand what they mean in a larger context. Many people see the big picture or the details, but rarely do people so effortlessly see both. She is particularly good at finding significance or meaning in things that many people overlook. Most people are thinking on a definition wavelength. Marissa thinks on a connotation wavelength.”

Lauren Elleboudt

Digital Marketing Manager, Mommy's Bliss

I’m very impressed! She connects with others really well. Marissa is very professional and creative.

Mark Evans

Marissa has an incredible ability to take, hold, and play with really complex and abstract ideas in her mind and make them comprehensible to others. It’s insane. I also think she’s an amazing listener. She really engages with what a person says when they’re telling her something. That’s a skill that most people (unfortunately) don’t possess.”

Kelsey Carls

University of Colorado

“Marissa has a strong ability to think critically—to look at things that seem familiar and to see them in a new light. I especially remember this from our work together. Hers was always the penetrating take—the take that uncovered the hidden meaning behind the obvious. I also think she is very talented at incorporating theory and philosophy into her worldview. Some people separate their everyday life from their theoretical interests, but she has an uncanny ability to make theory matter in a day to day culture.”

Gillian Silverman

University of Colorado

“Marissa’s strength is her brightness.”

Bradford Mudge

University of Colorado

“She is so positive and happy and lighthearted.”

Marley Sutton

Marissa is completely genuine. Her intellect and deeper understanding of things are only the start of it. The grace and beauty of her style is more powerful and influential than she knows.

Alex Lucas-Forth


“She is a people person, she can talk to anyone and they always like her because she is so nice.”

Lisa Ringstrand

Children's Mercy Hospital