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The writer you’ve been waiting for…

I know you have a lot of choices in who you hire, so I know I have to earn your trust. 

I started copywriting after I finished my two Masters degrees in Education and Literature. At first, I was drawn to it for the freedom it gave me. I could use my writing skills to earn a living without having to write the next Harry Potter. Although, that’s still something I’ve got my eye on ;). But as I started studying with some of the great copywriters and working with amazing clients, I recognized that great copywriting is actually about understanding human dynamics. 

I started to see that copywriting is a spell of attention, intrigue, and fascination. It’s about making your readers dream about the potential of their lives, face the dragons of their fear, and take action to make it happen. It’s about making them chuckle out loud and nod their heads in agreement. And I discovered the formula to make this happen.

(It’s Levi-OOO-sa! Not Levio-SA!)

That’s when I decided to learn how copywriting really worked. I discovered that persuasion is about establishing rapport and trust. And there is a way to do that through writing. I got really fascinated by the systems behind great copywriting and great content and it was so exciting to see it succeed with my clients.   

I’m not your typical writer…

Not only do I have expert knowledge in copywriting, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion copywriting, but I use it for my own businesses as well. My mission is to help businesses I believe in make a difference in the world by helping their audience live a healthier (and more fun!) life. That’s why I only work with companies I believe in. Companies that are passionate about bringing their vision to the world in a big way. Companies that know business isn’t just about the numbers. They know it’s about taking care of their people and encouraging them to excel. And by people I mean both the employees and their audience.

Why Choose Marissa

Copy that Works!

My writing has been used to generate leads and make sales by health and fitness companies, Ed Tech companies, attorneys and entrepreneurs!

Client Attraction Systems

The solution to getting more clients is the system! Use my creativity and research-based copy to build a thriving business and get loyal customers for life.

I Deliver

I write with intention. Every word I write is designed with your brand and your audience in mind. And your project is always delivered on time!

Great copy helps the reader find herself and lose herself at the same time. It helps her find the dream and lose everything that holds her back. 

Meet the Dream Team

Marissa Paysinger

Marissa Paysinger

CEO and Copywriter



Chief Officer of Fun

Marissa has an amazing ability to analyze tiny details and understand what they mean in a larger context. Many people see the big picture or the details, but rarely do people so effortlessly see both. She is particularly good at finding significance or meaning in things that many people overlook. Most people are thinking on a definition wavelength. Marissa thinks on a connotation wavelength

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